Thursday, 30 January 2014

H2H Hosts Speed Dating Night

Monday, January 20th 2014. It's just before 8:00, and Zest Bistro is filled with local expats. Everyone was looking good, if I do say so myself. Dressed to impress; ready to give this speed dating thing a whirl.
Luke and Caitlin had arranged all the tables beforehand and were busy checking
everyone in through the door. At 8:00 pm, it was time for the daters to grab their drinks and grab a seat. There were about 50 pairs of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that had just two minutes to get to know one another and/or use their
smoothest pick up line.

Everything started well and with ease. The layout was very organized,
with each table numbered with correspondingly numbered daters. There were other H2H riders lingering about to sort out any late comers or confusion. During about twenty two-minute dates, I saw both floors of Zest lit up with laughter, smiles, and delightful conversation. It was so refreshing seeing so many Saigonites coming out to support H2H while also being able to have fun and enjoy themselves at our event!

At the halfway point, the crowd got a chance to rest their breath, top off their Sangria, and enjoy a smoke or two. Luke announced that there was going to be a 50/50 cash raffle to help raise a little more coin during the second round. Once that began, I was very surprised and happy that the participants had no problem buying the 50/50 tickets. Becky and Colette were also very busy in the other sections of the restaurant selling tickets.

When the speed dating ended, the restaurant was still full of expats, H2H riders, locals and staff all intermingling with one another. I asked a few friends if they enjoyed their evening, and got nothing but positive responses. I’m not sure if everyone was able to find the love of their life, but the biggest aim of this event was to raise money for charity, followed by bringing together the community. Someone said to me, “This was a great event because it allowed people to socialize that generally don’t have the opportunity to mingle.” Saigon is full of so many different ESL teachers, business expats, and social cliques that sometimes we all don’t get the opportunity to strike up conversation with one another. I was very pleased that the participants had a good time.

The last thing on the evening’s agenda was to announce the 50/50 winner, which was a good friend of mine, Logan McCarville. He won half the pot, which was about 1.7 million VND. The lovely gentleman that Logan is, only took out 200k for himself to buy a few more drinks and then donated the rest of the money back to H2H! A massive thanks to you, Logan!

I’m very proud to announce that our speed dating event was another huge success!! When everything was said and done, we raised over 19 million VND (almost US$900!) that will go directly towards our five partner charities! A huge thanks to Luke and Caitlin for organizing the event and all of our riders that were able to help set up and partake in the event! Everyone worked together and did an amazing job, not only for charity but for the social welfare of our HCMC expatriate community!

Come join us for our next event on Wednesday, February 26th! A Cycling Soiree at KOTO Restaurant that is not to be missed!

Words by Andrea

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