Sunday, 14 April 2013


Day 11's 78km ride from Cam Lo to Hue was pretty uneventful. Most of it was on Highway 1, which meant smooth roads (except for the stretch of construction at the beginning that left us covered in mud) and horrible drivers nearly running people over every 10 seconds. I had called for this to be Hawaiian shirt day and the team responded with gusto, but the threat of rain forced many people wear jackets over them.
 Once we arrived in Hue, however, it was the start of our first rest period. We would have the following day off, so that meant much shenaniganry that night. Also, thanks to a flash deal on Agoda, we were staying in a 4-star hotel with $215 rooms for just $40 a night. Hue-lejullah!

We began hitting the beers almost immediately, and after huge amounts of Indian food the evening degenerated into a mess of shirtless men and annoyed bar staff. Suffice to say no one had a very good morning.

Today has been a day of laziness and gluttony, with most of us hitting La Carambole, an H2H favorite, for lunch. Good cheese is rare in Vietnam, and this restaurant has an amazing cheese plate that can't be missed.
I also had a 4-course set lunch and quickly slipped into a food coma upon returning to the hotel. I haven't moved very far since. And people wonder why I don't lose weight on H2H...

Anyway, we have one last evening in Hue to enjoy, and then it's on to the dreaded (but beautiful) mountains for the next several days. Time to see what everyone is made of.

Mike T.

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  1. I did the ride in November. The next two days are two of the hardest. Good luck!