Sunday, 7 April 2013

Day 3: Quan Lo

Spirits are high, bums are sore, and lubing is liberal. 

Unfortunately our ride begins on the same dirt track that we arrived into town on.  Not exactly the most comfortable ride, (especially for those of us who are having issues with what is now known at as the ‘bundercarriage’) but the team pursues our first meeting point (Ho Chi Minh Highway) with early morning vigor, dodging the pot holes and gravel pits for about 15km. Amazingly (perhaps more so for Emma than anyone else; who had FIVE punctures on day one) we all make it without ANY tyre issues or major incidents at all.

The ride along the highway is a far cry from the gravel pit from this morning and most of us click into high gears and fly along, taking in the spectacular views. It’s great to get into a rhythm and despite the heat closing in, everyone seems to be enjoying our new found need for speed.\

The afternoon is beyond hot. We are drinking what seems like gallons of water but nothing can quench our thirst. Distracting us from the heat is the beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people. Everyone is so happy/confused to see us. What is making this trip so special is the reactions of people as your ride past. What starts as confusion transforms into something really quite special as soon as your smile and wave.  The afternoon continues with high-fives, waves, and “hellohowareyouuuuus?” whilst riding through some stunning scenes continuing to Quan Lao.

We arrive sweaty and tired but the ride today has been incredibly enjoyable. Bia Ha’Noi all round.

Words: Alex

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