Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cat Dang Charity Visit

I was awoken at about seven by Adam, my roommate. Got dressed and showered and had breakfast. Breakfast was slow but it filled a hole much needing filling after the drinks last night. We met a bus and after about a hour and a half journey arrived at a secondary school. We were given an introduction to the school and then were separated to teach different classes. Our particular class was a bunch of 13 year olds. They asked us some questions, we asked them some questions, they sang us a song, we sang them "head shoulders knees and toes" and then got them to join in. After that we said our goodbyes and wandered about looking in some of the other classes and talking to some of the other students and teachers.

Soon enough it was time for us to visit a kindergarten where we met the officials for the area. They treated us to food and rice wine and ensured we were nice and toasty.

We then visited the classrooms where we could see what last year's h2h had achieved. The new classrooms were beautiful and well complimented by the posters, toys and so on. This year's funds will be used to improve the kitchen area so that the children can have lunch there. 


After viewing the kitchens, the children gave a performance and played with some of the visitors. Some of the children were a little shy and some joined right in but I think all had a day to remember.


The bus was parked next to another school so before getting on the bus we said hi to the kids there with random high fives and handshakes. I think they really appreciated it. Then we climbed back onto the bus for the journey back to Hanoi.

By: Jonathan Aherne
Photos: Andrea Towne

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