Sunday, 31 March 2013

Video bonanza!

Less than 24 hours remain before H2H flies up to Hanoi for final preparations before the ride begins on Wednesday. To tide everyone over until we have some hardcore cycling action to describe, below are the two promo videos and the full documentary on the 2010 ride. A movie on last year's ride is in the final editing stages, so expect another film sometime during April. (There was no ride in 2011.) And, this year's crew will be working on a video chronicle of their own! Here's hoping for an H2H presence at the Oscars some day...

H2H Promo from Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto on Vimeo.

H2H Promo 2 from Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto on Vimeo.

H2H from Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto on Vimeo.

Also, our jerseys are ready! They are pretty slick, and a big thanks goes to Rory, Vien and Beki for the work they put into designing and ordering them. We can still order more, so if you're simply overcome with jealousy get in touch and we'll get you one.

We're hoping to post every day on the ride this year, so keep your eye on this page!

Don't forget, we're still taking donations! For those in the U.S.:

For everywhere else:

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