Friday, 8 March 2013

Bò cạp vàng

With less than a month until we start the ride, training has taken a step up and we've been doing a few longer rides to Bò cạp vàng (Golden Scorpian).  It's a nice ride, not much traffic, there's hill practice going over the Phu My bridge and you get to go to Bò cạp vàng!

Nine of us set off early yesterday morning but unfortunately lost Farah in the rush hour traffic - and then we were eight…Hopefully we can avoid this happening too much on the ride.

I hear the Phu My bridge is nothing in comparison to the hills we'll have to climb but it feels pretty tough and none of us have a lot of love for it.  It felt easier yesterday, but I put that down to my legs being well rested rather than being used to the climb.

Enjoyed the rest of the day; relaxing in hammocks, zip lines, floating in the lake in our life jackets and racing with school kids on their bikes….yes some of them won, but to be fair there were two of them peddling per bike.
Let's go again next week!  Amy


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