Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rider Bios by Other Riders

Since there are people reading this blog who don't know everyone that is taking part in H2H 2012, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce everyone. So, for my culture night tonight I had everyone pull a name from a hat, and they had to write a short, mostly humorous (in theory) bio about that person. We all know each other by now, though to varying degrees, so I was curious to see what kind of information would be included. The results were great, and here is the first set. Just to remind you, there are 19 of us. (Who actually wrote each person's bio is supposed to remain a secret. You can also guess, if you know us.)

1) Coming from a family of Scottish bear-wolf hybrids generations in the making, Jim Magee "Cricket" is our second Messiah. The wisdom of the earth has been passed down through his bear-wolf family's blood and it is reflected in his swagger-filled strut. His massive man paws can be as delicate as a child's laugh, evidenced in the way he has raised a truly stunning and generous daughter. They can also be as vicious as a bear-wolf claw - just check out the way he man-handles (or bear-wolf handles) the road as he warriors on in his sandals to Ho Chi Minh City. Jim Magee, part man, part bear-wolf, all gentleman. I salute you, sir.

2) Anna Viets is a bubbly Vermont girl. She was a late edition to the H2H team and we're all grateful for her fun loving personality. She's always upbeat at the hardest of times and keeps us laughing. Just don't chew gum in her presence. 

3) In the few short weeks that we have been riding together, Rhona Phu has distinguished herself in a variety of ways. She appears each morning, impeccably attired, anxiously awaiting morning stretches. On her bike she carries an odd assortment of items - a compass, a rape whistle, mango gummies. The compass has not kept her from getting lost, the rape whistle is used to signal a bathroom break, and the mango gummies are shared with all. At the end of the day, she finishes the ride, near the front of the pack, with a positive attitude and a thirst for a beer (or two). Truly a great person for the ride.

4) Quinn Miller is a mountain of a man, who possesses the longest legs in Iowa. He is also very flexible, with a natural ability to stretch...poorly. If you round him in a group situation, you would find him very forgiving and patient when dealing with long, drawn out, indecisive restaurant ordering procedures. With looks and a personality way beyond his years, he brightens up every miserable situation. He is a big man, with a big beautiful moustache and a big head to match.

5) Tom Oxley is one of those down to earth Yorkshire men where you know a spade is always gonna be a spade. He's been one of the mainstays in keeping the fleet on the road and I think most would agree that he relishes a challenge, if a bike has a stubborn problem, "who're ya gonna call - Tom Oxley". A regular all-round good guy. You can tell a Yorkshireman - but you can't tell him much.

6) Sandra Magee is a confident, self-aware 28 year-old who simply LOVES bicycles! Her ideal future job therefore would involve owning her own bike store, where she would also grow organic vegetables. Imagine that: fresh broccoli soup while waiting to have your flat tire fixed: AWESOME :) Sandra has proven herself to be an excellent warm-up stretch instructor, as well as a bike mechanic, as unfortunately her beloved bike, Josie, has experienced quite a few problems during the ride. H2H simply wouldn't be the same without the happy, optimistic Sandra on board!

7) This Canuck, named Corey Gibson, doesn't follow the normal Canadian tuxedo rules, however he is still a very impressive man. Cliffbar hound by morning, Cyborg by day and vampire by night, Dear or Gibson as he's called, is well versed in bikes, and is also awesome and has definitely brought the hammer to H2H 2012.

8) Joe Piechura is a man of few words and many Pepsis. Regular top-ups are essential for Joe, as his body reaches peak performance only when refueled with his favourite soft drink, much like a Formula 1 car with a full tank of petrol. His wiry frame powers his pedals towards HCMC like a man possessed. His cycling prowess is matched by his quick wit and dedication to social networking: he's the only reason anyone actually knows I'm doing this ride! Unluckily unseated twice so far, his generous spirit does not waver as easily as his wheels; as he determinedly pedals his way to HCMC in the name of charity.

9) Zara is one of my best mates. She's from Teddington and has spent two-and-a-half years in Vietnam teaching English. When we were talking about doing H2H there was some trepidation about it, but I for one am so bloody glad she's doing it, because she helps me out and looks out for her mates 100% Sentiment over, her accent (Babe!) make me laugh and she's got banging tits! But yea she's quality through and through and I'm really proud to call her my friend. Zara Zielinski, top bird.

The rest will come later...on to Buon Ma Thuot and our second rest day!

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  1. What heartwarming bios thanks. I feel like I know you all so much better now! Jim's was my favourite.