Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ride or Die!

Best of luck, thunderous thighs and happy riding to the 2012 cycling crew. Congrats on finishing day 1! Hopefully you didn't inhale too much smog getting out of Hanoi. All of us H2H veterans are thinking of you guys, wishing we were on the ride with ya'll (well, some of us maybe) and looking forward to following your adventures and progress on the blog. Pedal hard, have fun and don't poop your spandex! Here's some more advice:
1) When you were pondering whether to order a cheeseburger or pizza at Al Fresco's, hopefully you doubled up, ordered a cheeseburger pizza and didn't share. You'll need all the calories.
2) Don't encourage the creepy, sartorial eccentric perv on Day Four too much. He just might put on some soft-core porn for you.
3) At some point on the ride, anything that doesn't have fur, bones or intestines in it will become edible to you.
4) There's never a bad time to have a roadside dance party.
5) Hills build character, as do moldy hotel rooms.
6) Tan lines = H2H greatness.
7) You will victoriously return to HCMC with leg muscles you did not previously have.
Make it happen H2H 2012!!!


  1. Great top tips Abs! Seems like the rain loves H2H! They're a great team again and I'm sure they'll rise to the challenges ahead. All the best to you and Chet in China. Chris

  2. Or was it Chet who posted?! Regards to you both anyway. C.