Saturday, 18 February 2012

Day 14: P'Roa to Thanh My

Leaving P'Roa in a blaze of red mist and bad taste at the scamming hotelier who would charge us three times for everything eaten or drank and an extra room un-used we soon stretched it out and got on the smooth winding road to Thanh My. Still with a few climbs that definitely get the quads working hard and employing the traversing method of turning constantly (like skiing...uphill...on a bicycle!) we made it to my personal favourite downhill of the ride so far, all the way into the town of Thanh My.

With views like this it was hard not to keep smiling all day.

The addition of a, albeit trickling, waterfall also gave us a nice rest and paddle, with Phong and Sarah making the most use of the small pool dunking their heads under. Unfortunately Sandra took a spill, big rocks in the middle of the road don't gel well with bicycles, but she's a total trooper and was ok.

The two Tom's and Phong enjoying the pool
So it was a really good day all round I think. The hotel was pretty good in the evening and apart from the misty rain we had a good kickabout in the car park in the afternoon, which almost didn't happen as Quinn (showing his 'magic skills') hoofed the football onto the roof, while some people chilled or found food or relaxed on the comfy beds.

Here's a final picture of me making the most of a conveniently fly-tipped chair atop a pretty steep climb, right before a ridiculously fun downhill stretch all the way into town.

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