Friday, 28 October 2011

Random act of kindness

Some run into burning buildings. Some go to war to protect their country. Others are heroes in a much more modest way. Let me set the scene...

We've just arrived at our usual morning meeting point, and have sat down with a drink. The black car on the left has just crashed into the truck in front. Pretty textbook case of someone following too closely and ending up up the arse of the vehicle in front. For reasons only known to himself, he seems to blame the truck driver for this, and even more bizarrely, the truck driver agrees. Money is exchanged, and the car driver goes off to fix the slight dent in his bonnet. Its worth pointing out that during this entire 5 to 10 minute exchange, it doesn't cross either of them to move their vehicles out of the middle of one of the busiest roundabouts in the city. All the while, a mysterious woman on a Vespa is looking on.

At this point, it becomes apparent that the truck has broken down, and Vespa woman suddenly springs into action, walking into the middle of the road to help the driver push the truck. After a while, it's obvious that the two of them aren't going to shift this thing by themselves, so we go across to give them a hand (after spending a little while laughing at them trying, of course). Thanks to a magnificent team effort, the truck is at the side of the road in no time. Like I said, we're all heroes in our own way......but I don't say anything.


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