Thursday, 2 December 2010

We did it!!!

Victory poses at the finish line!

Reaching the finish line felt every bit as accomplishing this year especially because we faced more adversity in the form of bad weather and the natural difficulties of having a larger group. We were met by a couple dozen friends and supporters at the Reunification Palace as we road the last few blocks from the zoo down Le Duan and into the palace gates.

The last day was 115 kilometers of inhaling smog and surviving amidst the traffic. But just as we managed for the 26 other days of the ride, every one road safely and made it within the city in one piece. Last year we had a handful of incidents where riders collided with other vehicles or people and ended up hitting the pavement. This year: zero! We were very fortunate and the lack of incidents is a massive testament to the skill and vigilance of this year's riders. Very impressive.

The last couple days we've had a party or two, recounting stories from the ride, celebrating and sadly, saying goodbye. Four riders have already left the country and by next week less than half of our group of 20 will remain. We'll always have the ride to reminisce about and H2H to hold us together. Hopefully, we'll rendezvous somewhere around the world once again. I'm so proud of this group and what we've achieved. All the perseverance, positive attitudes and can-do spirit paid off. We may be 20 individuals but we could only succeed as 1 team. Thanks to everyone who supported H2H 2010!!!

All of these pictures were taken by Claire Camplisson. Thanks Claire :))

Sweet, sweet tan lines.

Chet and Jess L
Adam and Ross
Pierre, the best dressed.

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  1. What - No crashes the whole ride?! I'd say you skipped a step! Go back to those downhills straight into gravel patches and ride faster! Slam on breaks WHEN you hit the gravel, not before!

    Congrats guys you rock.