Saturday, 20 November 2010

When you forget you're ALREADY IN your lowest gear...

Another day, another hill!! Today (despite the bumpy terrain) flew by like one giant roller coaster!! One soon learns that the faster you can speed down the hill - the less chance there is that you will have to pedal up it. That said, add a few maniac lorries. Now add some buses(of death). A dash of motorbikes. Some waterbuffalo pulled carts. Some school kids on bicycles. A lady in a rice hat. And 20 dedicated H2H cyclists.
NOW, put all of the above on the bumpiest, permanently "under construction" road you can imagine and stir gently. And now vigiourously. And now the other way. Now frisk. Repeat until you're confused.
The result is, well great success (obviously) + very sore butts!!!

This is how we roll y'all. Keep them "motivation donations" comin'! Happy times in H2H country!!! :)

- Jess L

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