Monday, 22 November 2010

Too tired to think

I embarked on this journey with a mental image of wistful cycle rides through attractive (flat?) Vietnamese countryside. Indeed, perhaps an opportunity reflect on lifes riddles in this mystical country and of course time to reminisce with my brother on previous joint escapades; he now being based in Vietnam and me in the UK.

HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE! I will save repeating the issues of the last few days that my ‘comrades’ have shared. However, phrases such as character building and challenging come to mind. The distance, climatic conditions have definitely ensured that I have been, in that immortal Rolls phrase, ‘Too tired to think‘!

However, fortunately, I have been the proud owner of new ‘go faster’ legs. As a pre trip fundraiser, somewhat against my better judgement, I was persuaded (you know who you are!) to have my legs waxed as per the elite (yea right!) cyclist. Anyway, rain, wind or shine they have simply cut through whatever the weather conditions could throw at us; though of course all the ‘men’ have grown beards for Movember.

Saying all of that it has just been a simply awesome ride so far as we pedal, or push, our way though the very heart of this amazing country, greeted with friendly smiles and waves all the way.

Many many thanks again for everyone who supported us, whether it was by training rides (wet or dry, day or night), fund raising flap jack production, donations of resources (from cycle bells to energy gels) and most importantly, apart from perhaps the sponsorship, the encouragement to ‘go forth and pedal’.

Take care, and many thanks for taking the time to follow our journey whoever, wherever, whatever you are.

David (from Devon)

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