Sunday, 14 November 2010

Lazy Day in Hue

We have finally reached Hue for our first rest day. After 11 days of cycling, it felt great to not be on a bicycle today. The persistent rain has also allowed me to have a guilt-free day indoors catching up on emails, reading, as well as ordering pizza to our hotel room, YUMMY!! It is nice to be back in civilization. We set ourselves up in a hotel that is way nicer than the accommodations we have encountered in the small towns. A hot shower and a soft bed are greatly appreciated!!! Everyone seemed to struggle with yesterday's ride to Hue. It began to rain just 20 minutes into the 85k journey, so the majority of the day was spent in drenched clothing and shoes. Also, the kilo-markers we use to determine how much riding we have left to do were very deceptive. At times they seemed to be going up in distance (actually they really would jump in distance) instead of down which was a serious mental blow. Luckily, we all made it and I spent the day wandering the streets and enjoying western food. We have been really lucky with weather the entire trip. No rain and no outrageously hot days. I don't think we will be so lucky this week. The forecast predicts rain for the area south of Hue. I am already dreading the mountains, and climbing them cold and drenched is an even more daunting prospect. Rain definitely won't stop us from reaching our daily destinations but it may be another challenge for us to face! The ride has been great so far and everyone is feeling positive and energized.

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