Friday, 5 November 2010

And we're 80 km closer

Ride number three and I think everyone is in great spirits. On the road we're looking out for each other, people are texting to warn others when a road sign is confusing or has more than one name or isn't even there when it probably should - yes, these things can even happen in the label friendly country of Vietnam ;-)

However, most of the time a friendly local will point you in the right direction...most of the time. If you're ever in the city of Cam Thuy (forgive my tieng viet), don't trust the sweet, innocent looking little old lady selling Mangos - TREACHERY LIES BELOW. She'll turn your trip into one of those choose your own ending stories, and I think ours would have ended in the belly of a dragon; or we might have had to eat a moon cake the size of a dragon - either way, it wouldn't have been good. Instead, ask the guy in the Blue shirt named Minh. He'll guide you to safer pastures.

Also we had the privilege of riding on the Ho Chi Minh hwy today and it was glorious. To quote one rider, 'I was going faster, my bum didn't hurt...I just felt a whole lot sexier'; and another 'I think I want to move here.' It was definitely worth the price of admission.

All and all, everybody is feeling great and taking in all the sights this country has to offer, and the people of every village (so far) have made us feel at home as we rest up the next days adventure.

Take care, ya'll

I'm out


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