Thursday, 10 June 2010

H2H Donation Update!!

We now have more proof of what our thunder thighs of yesteryear have produced. Here are some pictures of a new library for the Catdang Middle School, which has been partially funded by H2H. A LOT of progress has been made since I visited Catdang in January, when no part of this library even existed! Catdang is an artisan village located approximately 100 kms south of Hanoi. For over 16 years, The Children’s Initiative (TCI) – H2H’s umbrella organization - has been sponsoring projects here, including (but not limited to) the provision of electricity, buildings, scholarships, de-worming tablets, water purification tanks, and many other resources essential to the middle school’s (and indeed the village’s) sustainability as well as growth.
This year’s H2Hers are continuing to support TCI’s projects in Catdang (one of which may well be a new kindergarten which would benefit some of Catdang's youngest citizens, pictured above) – we hope you’ll consider donating to our 2010 ride to support the spandexed clan in its quest to see more projects like Catdang’s library come to life!

- Hilary

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