Monday, 9 November 2009

A recap

Yesterday was a half day; we only road 50 some klicks. Your H2H narrator, of course, used the time to "rest". As such, I don't remember how far we road the last two days or the last time I posted. Let alone what town I was in last night. (Though, there was a statue of Ho Chi Minh and some very friendly gentleman who borrowed me their motorbike to ferry other bacchae to the karaoke.) Needless to say, without such information, there will be no recap for the last two days.

Though, have no fear, dear reader, all this is mere dicta, asphalt under the mighty, yet thin, tire of the H2H Juggernaut. There will still be content. Let that proclamation ring throughout the valley of the mighty Internet. Content...content...content--*echoing*.

We've been on the road for eight days now. We have riden approximately 630 kilometers. The picture above illustrates this best. There have many popped tires, a bum wheel or two, more fussy derailleurs, and countless views that, despite Cannon's best efforts, must remain, only in the imaginations of my fellow riders.

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