Saturday, 14 November 2009

Goodbye Hue, hello mountains!

It is 6.18am on the morning of day 12, the next three days in the central highlands are apparently the most difficult days of the ride. I am feeling mixed emotions- excitement for the challenge ahead, and utter terror! We have all enjoyed our day off in Hue- city tours, pizza, swimming pool, pizza, movie channels, bike repairs, pizza and comfy beds. After resting, relaxing and stocking up on peanut butter and factor 81 sun cream i feel ready to go.

The last couple of days of the ride were pretty tough because of the heat and sun, i had to resort to pouring bottles of water over my head and seeking shade every 10 minutes at midday in an attempt not to over heat. I have never been so happy to see a cloudy drizzly day before in my life, and i have my fingers crossed for the bad weather to continue. Rob is also glad about the rain as he won a bet against James who wrongly predicted there would be no rain for the entire ride.
Today we are going about 70km to apparently one of the most beautiful places in vietnam, what an incentive to keep peddling!
- Sophie

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  1. thanks for went to vietnam.
    Nếu cơ hội bạn nên đi du lịch từ Ho Chi Minh to Hue bạn nhé.
    Cảnh ở Huế rất đẹp và món ăn cũng hấp dẫn nữa phải không