Sunday, 1 November 2009

The final countdown- Hitting Ha Noi

So we've made it to Hanoi in one piece even if our bikes got a little battered along the way...The train wasn't too bad in the end- we even managed to have some sneaky bottles of wine (the ever classy James deciding to drink from his water bottle, then pouring it all over himself whilst in a white t.shirt)

Since arriving in Ha Noi most of us have spent our days getting last minute supplies (inc. the mammouth task of tracking down bags of oatmeal. It proved to be elusive but we cornered it in the end!) We've also been, to put it simply, eating tonnes. From a girls point of view this trip may strip us of any curves we may have had so I've decided to bring jars of peanut butter in which i will mix with my rice. Bit of homemade Satay sauce, very nice.

So...with just hours to go we just went to the train station to collect our bikes. It was such a surreal feeling finally riding through Ha Noi (Sam on bike a'la video camera- nutcase- and Ruth/Hillary/myself singing West Side Story whilst zooming past the lake.)

This evening we are all going to have one last proper meal then sit back and watch a film. Hopefully we'll all get a good sleep before setting off tomorrow morning- keep you posted!


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