Monday, 9 November 2009


So originally today was going to be a thigh-burner - a 100km ride ending with a steep incline. The path, however, was altered and it was no longer a thigh-burner but a bum bumper ( I don't know which is my preferred choice)!

After an initial smooth 25km (29km for those who had missed the turning, rode up a hill/mountain and turned around, James included!) we converged at a small turning to ride on a rather tumultuous track which ran parallel to a train track (felt a little like we were from Stand By Me but on bikes). Despite the road conditions and a few mishaps - Sam managed to work his way through two inner tubes (perhaps he was eating them; don't know why there's plenty of peanut butter), this ride was absolutely wonderful. The beauty of the area was breath-taking - we were not only surrounded by lush slopes of green vegetation but also by some quite amorous French colonial Churches. Thus the ride was delightful and when we reached a glowing greeny-blue river our day was made even more picturesque - of course a few of us (Kat, Katy, Justene, Sam and me) who were a little behind the majority (punctures and small school children carrying red plastic stools had distracted us along the way) decided we had no other option but to submerge our sweaty, dirty bodies into this fresh flowing water before we continued to our destination. This was a good and practical decision as it refreshed us and our smelly clothes namely Sam's gloves!


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