Friday, 20 November 2009

Day 18- goodbye mountains, for now!

The killer day two days ago left many weary achy riders. We thought we were leaving the mountains but there was one more unexpected monster climb, every time i thought i was reaching the summit i would turn a corner and there would be more.

"how can a mountain hide?"

We climbed so high we were in the clouds, not quite as poetic as it sounds. The reality was freezing cold and rainy, but an amazing experience. There was a strange village at the top, run down houses and blanket clad women lined the road. It took well over an hour to reach the summit, and little over ten minutes of a hair raising 10 degree slope to reach the bottom!

Yesterday we had a short ride, only 60km. Me and Kat were happy with this as we were both sporting minor injuries from the strain of the last five mountainy days. We took it easy and accompanied by Rob we had a pleasant relaxed ride. We passed through a flooded area, the road was raised through the middle of it, it looked eerie, like a tree graveyard. We had many stops, and as we were unable to ride up any steep hills it took us 6 hours to reach Kom Tum. We were happy to find cable TV and decent food as the town is on the alternative tourist route. It was actually quite strange to see other westerners everywhere!

Another short ride today, only 48km! It was an easy ride, we had a leisurely break half way here in a great little roadside cafe with swinging chairs. My ankle was much better today and i was enjoying not having to get of and push my bike up the hills, infact we flew along at a good speed the whole way and reached Pleiku at 11.30. It is a big city, not that interesting but me and Ruth went exploring in the local market for lunch, there were baskets of live animals and sea food everywhere, nothing that appertising! We found the rest of the riders in an ice cream cafe, I think they had the right idea.

- Sophie

P.S. i have added photos to my previous post

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