Monday 2 July 2018

Thank you Sponsors, Charities and Supporters!

And the final fundraising total for H2H 2018 is....$55,089.89!!! 

This is a new H2H fundraising record! Congratulations to team leader Craig, support leaders Davide and Ana, and all the 2018 team of cycling champions - fantastic job! What a dream team. This means that over 9 rides, H2H’s overall giving total now stands at: $338,747.38

Once again, all expenses were covered by the team and sponsors, meaning every $ donated went straight to our 5 amazing charities, providing access to education and healthcare for children in need across Vietnam:
Saigon Children, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, KOTO, Live & Give, ILA Community Network 


None of this would be possible without the generous support of H2H's 17 official 2018 sponsors, donations from supporters around the world, raffle prizes and event hosting from local businesses, and of course the amazing charities themselves making a difference to families and communities across Vietnam. HUGE H2H THANKS TO YOU ALL! 
In particular, H2H would like to thank the following for making the ride happen:

- Lead Sponsor DHL for the 7th year running, for providing a DHL support van and drivers. Everyday, the drivers transported the team kit and assisted with navigation, drinking water, hotel bookings and safety advice. Massive thanks to the drivers and to Truc, Shoeib and all at DHL - you are brilliant!

- Lead Sponsor Repsol for sponsoring the additional support van and driver that travelled with the team, and giving a sizeable corporate donation on top of this. Again, massive thanks to Phuong, Jesús and all at Repsol – you are amazing!

- Lead Charity Partner Saigon Children for managing the online fundraising through Justgiving and all of H2H's media plan. Linh, Damien, Angelique and all the team - thanks, you rock!

In addition, H2H would like to thank the below list of official sponsors. Each one has made a significant contribution to H2H this year, enabling the ride to function effectivity and helping us reach a record fundraising total. Sponsors, we couldn't do the ride without you – huge thanks:

Giant Vietnam
Family Medical Practice
California Fitness and Yoga
Centralia College 
Heart of Darkness Brewery
OM Factory
Pasteur Street Brewing Company 
Nutrition Depot
NShape Fitness
Miranda’s Jewelry

      Special mentions:
      - Tan, Thanh and Minh: wonderful DHL support van drivers 
      - Ms Lien (TCI) and Mr Cuong: booking/driving the second support van
      - Thu: brilliant bike mechanic from Mr Biker
      - Linh Nguyen: our only Vietnamese rider, an ever-helpful language and cultural guide for the team
      - Eli Gaultney: H2H website and social media manager, and fantastic pub quiz host!
      - Storm Langley: H2H design and marketing manager, creating the kit design and event marketing 
      - Ian and Karen Gibbons: The British Consul, for welcoming the team home at the finish line and hosting a super homecoming cocktail reception at their home.
      - H2H founders James, Rob, and Sophie for providing the inspiration to ride, back in 2009
      Big thanks to you all!
Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all our riders, sponsors, charities, supporters and volunteers for making H2H 2018 happen and spreading the love. That's it for this year. See you for the next ride in April 2019, which will be our 10th anniversary ride. Hoping to make it the best yet :-)

Finally, here's a Saigoneer video capturing the homecoming: 

Chris Rolls
H2H Manager

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