Saturday, 13 June 2020

Thank You 2020 Sponsors

And the final 2020 total is...$30,180 USD!!! Congrats to the team and massive thanks to all global riders, supporters, sponsors and charities. It's been a tough year for all but your generosity and kindness has shone through - cảm ơn! 

All funds go straight to H2H's 4 wonderful charity partners providing education, fighting human trafficking and responding to Covid-19 here in Vietnam. Charity partners:

None of this would be possible without our generous corporate sponsors, remaining steadfast despite the challenges and changes of plan. 

2020 Event Sponsors (6): La FiestaDtwo-sportspubThe White House SaigonLoud MinoritySkeleton Goode, Vicolo1.  And thanks to all businesses who kindly donated raffle prizes. 

As always it's a team effort and we're grateful to everyone who has contributed. You have made a world of difference at a time of need. 

Until next year, keep spreading the love and keep cycling 😎

H2H 2020
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Friday, 1 May 2020

H2H 2020 Finish Line - Thank you

HO CHI MINH CITY!!! A huge final day surge took us from Shanghai to Hanoi...and then down to Saigon Central Post Office, where the ride usually finishes! Massive thanks and congratulations to our global riders, donors, sponsors and charities who've pedalled H2H around the world, supporting disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Your support means even more at this tough time for all. We hope you enjoyed the ride! 👍
Riders: 521 / Exercise: 44015km / Donations: $8020 (online so far)

Total: Hanoi > London > Cape Town > Vancouver > Hanoi > HCMC! = 52035km 🌏

Finish Line Video
Here's a brilliant video created by Blue Dragon Children's Foundation! H2H truly went global this year...50,000 virtual km's, 500 riders from 25 countries and crucially $25,000+ raised so far (online and offline) to tackle child poverty, human trafficking and Covid-19 in Vietnam... 

Finish Line Map
After 30 days on the virtual road, we're proud to show our final map - CONGRATULATIONS!

Global Riders and Donors - Thank You
BIG THANKS to our global riders and donors, all 521 of you so far, you're all simply wonderful!

2020 Partner Charities and Corporate Sponsors - Thank You
BIG THANKS to our partner charities and sponsors, without whom the ride wouldn't happen:

4 Charities: Saigon Children's Charity, Blue Dragon, ILA Community Network, Live and Give.

6 Gold Sponsors: DHL Express Vietnam / Dymax Corporation / Heart of Darkness Craft Brewery / Pasteur Street Brewing Company / Little Creatures Brewing / 1 anonymous sponsor.

9 Silver Sponsors: Giant International Vietnam / Family Medical Practice Vietnam / British International School - Ho Chi Minh City (Official) / Nutrition Depot Vietnam / BFY- Học Kỳ Thể Thao / TBC-Ball Beverage Can Vietnam Co., Ltd. / Saigoneer / BoatHouse Restaurant: Vietnam / Turtle Lake Brewing Company. 

5 Event sponsors: La Fiesta / Dtwo-sportspub / The White House Saigon / Loud Minority, Saigon / Skeleton Goode 

H2H Team - Thank You
Finally, thanks to the original H2H team and support staff - sadly we couldn't do the real H2H ride this year but you're the best virtual team we've ever had! 
Riders: Tuan Anh, Emma, Alex, Ellie, David, Kacey, Kyle, Craig, Rob, Phung, John, Davide, Chris
Support staff: Connie, Eli, Storm, Caitlin, Ms Lien, Mr Cuong, Mr Thu, Ngan (SCC) and Ha (Blue Dragon).  

Fundraising is OPEN until the end of May 2020, so you can stop riding, but please keep donating! Every $ counts and the needs are even greater this year with the effects of Covid-19: 
❤️ Donate here: ❤️

Thanks everyone for making a world of difference. Stay safe and keep spreading the love,
Chris Rolls, H2H 2020 Team Leader ❤️🌏❤️

H2H Ride for Vietnam provides education, fights human trafficking and responds to Covid-19 through our charity partners.

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Thursday, 30 April 2020

H2H Around the World - Day 30

500 RIDERS! From 25 countries! Incredible! We've reached Shanghai and today, after nearly 50,000km, we head home to HANOI. Join us for the final push!👍
Riders: 504 / Exercise: 40403km / Donations: $7955

Total: Hanoi > London > Cape Town > Vancouver > Shanghai = 48358km 🌏

We're on the home straight now! Here's Chris exercising for Vietnam 😃

And here's our progress map with 1 day to go. Hanoi we're coming for you!

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our team around the world - thank you all, including these kind folks...

Please join the team for our victory ride into Hanoi!
H2H Around the World virtual ride: 20 minutes of exercise / $20 USD donation = 20km on our journey!
1. Donate your home exercise minutes here:
2. Donate to our charity partners here:
3. Send us your exercise videos / photos here:

Thank you one and all for making a big difference to children, families and communities all around Vietnam 😍

H2H 2020

H2H Ride for Vietnam provides education, fights human trafficking and responds to Covid-19 through our charity partners.

❤️ Donate here: ❤️
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